3 Reasons to Choose Vinyl Siding

3 Reasons to Choose Vinyl Siding

Vinyl continues to be the most popular cladding option for Utah homeowners. We’ve been installing attractive, low-maintenance vinyl siding for more than a quarter century, and we’re impressed with its durability. If you’re thinking of giving your house a makeover, vinyl siding lets you tailor the look of your home’s exterior to suit your sense of architectural style.


Top Reasons to Choose Vinyl Siding

While we could name a dozen qualities that make vinyl siding worth considering, here are the reasons we hear most often from our customers for choosing vinyl over the other options.


1. Vinyl Siding Offers the Most Options

No siding type gives you as many choices including:

  • Color: Vinyl is available in a wide spectrum of hues from snow-white to dark, rich browns, greens and blues. Today’s siding is colorfast. There is very little noticeable fading over the years, so the appearance remains fresh and attractive.
  • Finishes: Much of the vinyl siding we install has a woodgrain-like finish, but smooth siding for a more finished appearance is available too.
  • Styles: Advanced Window Products offers too many vinyl siding profiles to list here. They include horizontal panels in several sizes such as double-3” and double-4”, Dutch lap, traditional lap and beaded. Vertical panels are offered in several styles too including traditional board & batten. Premium vinyl shake siding in several styles is available when an upscale touch is desired. Combining styles, for example horizontal vinyl siding with vinyl shake siding in the gables, delivers a customized boost to your home’s curb appeal.
  • Accessories: The many finishing-touch options for trim and accent color and style make the personalization of your home’s exterior complete.


2. Vinyl Siding Has Low Maintenance Requirements

Installing vinyl siding is an investment in the quality of life you’ll enjoy going forward. You’ll never spend your free time scraping, patching, caulking and painting or staining vinyl. It is impervious to moisture and insects, and vinyl withstands Utah’s seasonal high winds very well. An occasional soap-and-water wash is all that’s needed to keep it looking fantastic in the years to come. And since the repair and maintenance costs are so low, you’ll have more money in your pocket to enjoy your free time. That sets it apart from natural wood and fiber cement siding, both with much higher maintenance requirements and costs.


3. Vinyl Siding is a Tremendous Value

Vinyl is affordable and it lasts for decades. Combined with the low maintenance costs mentioned above, vinyl gives you much better value than your other siding options.

Is Vinyl Right for Your Home?

Is this attractive, low-maintenance and customizable cladding the best choice for your home? If you’d like to explore vinyl’s benefits or have questions about vinyl siding, we can help. Call us today to discuss vinyl siding or to receive a free, no-obligation estimate to show you how affordable vinyl siding can be.


About the Author:

Craig Marsh is the owner of Advanced Window Products in Salt Lake City, Utah. He has proudly been operating since 1986. His company offers energy efficient sliding glass doors, replacement windows in wood or vinyl options, and vinyl siding.


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3 Tips on How to Choose a Patio Door for Your Home


Did you know that insulated steel and fiberglass doors are more energy efficient than wood doors? The screen door is exceptionally easy to install and remove and filter in the fresh air and keep out pesky insects; while regulating the thermal conditions too.

Changing the door gives the patio space a different feel, and can have a big impact. Consider a door with glass panes to virtually enlarge the patio space and lighten up a heavy façade. Your choice should blend in with the architectural style of your home, and should bring in more natural lighting.

Increase the charm of your home’s exterior by personalizing your patio; with so many options to choose from, you can order your custom door from us. The right exterior enhancements blend seamlessly with your exterior and can add value to your home.
Consider these tips while selecting your patio door.

Energy certification

The U.S Environmental Protection Agency certifies energy efficient appliances; not only house electronics but also the materials that build the exterior patio doors. Energy certified doors deliver an extra level of thermal performance, reducing your heating and cooling costs all year round.

Patio door material

The base material of the patio door determines its durability, resilience against the elements and its beauty. Whether your fancy a wood grain finish with internal blinds or just a standard white door, we have it all.

The standard dual point grappling hook locks are a security feature of the sliding door, which comes in various design variations such as the monorail track design for easy gliding. These four materials are the most common.

• Wood
Fir, pine, and mahogany are the most common construction materials. Proper maintenance prevents warping, cracking or rotting, and enhances their durability. Occasional polishing with wax preserves the natural elegance and gives it value.

• Vinyl
Vinyl doors won’t peel, fade, rot or warp, and they’ll weather cold or hot climates. Custom faux finishes that match the décor of your home add a unique touch to the room with the added benefits of strength and energy efficiency.

• Aluminum or steel
Treatment using other metal additives during manufacturing of metal doors ensures they remain corrosion free and rust resistant. Metal doors are more cost effective in the long term and highly durable.

• Fiberglass
Fiberglass is a weather resistant material made out of fine fibers of spun glass held together with a special resin. The door is lightweight and durable.

Door Security and Locks

An ideal patio door should possess multiple locking mechanisms for added security. Sliding patio doors have dual point locks with hooks that latch onto the frame or sliding part of the door.

The deadbolt locking system of the French patio doors is quite secure and durable too.
Choose a professional

For over 26 years, we transform homes with window and door treatments to ensure home security and timeless elegance. Contact Advanced Window USA today to get your free quote, order our Utah-made products, or have them installed in your home.


About the Author:

Craig Marsh is the owner of Advanced Window Products in Salt Lake City, Utah. He has proudly been operating since 1986. His company offers energy efficient sliding glass doors, replacement windows in wood or vinyl options, and vinyl siding.

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3 Signs it’s Time to Replace Your Home Windows

awp-time-to-replace-windows_infographicThough there are Utah homeowners who claim that their Victorian house still has its original windows, the windows of most homes simply don’t last that long. Experts claim that windows last about 20 years on average before it’s time to replace them. However, the signs that a window needs replacing can be subtle. Here are three signs that tell a homeowner it’s time to invest in some replacement windows:

The Window no longer works as well as it should.

This means that the window is difficult to open and difficult to close once it’s open. Air is able to leak in and leak out, and if it’s a double-paned window, condensation can be seen between the glass panes. Windows that have been nailed or painted to the point where they simply can’t be opened also need to be replaced.

The window may be difficult to clean and is so old that the homeowner can’t find replacement parts for it even if they were willing and able to fix it.

Nowadays, part of the work of a window is to be energy efficient. Newer windows have double or triple panes with inert gas between the glass that help lower energy bills. Low-E, or low emissivity window panes are coated in ways that allow in light but lessen the ultraviolet rays that enter the house and fade or discolor carpets, furniture and books. They also keep the house cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

The Window is no longer attractive.

The frame around the window is cracked, splintered or rotting because water has leaked in behind it. Paint may be flaking off the frame, and water stains are visible. The style of the window is outdated. A window that has a hole or crack in it can make the very exterior of a house look unattractive and clearly needs to be replaced.

One caveat for windows that were installed before 1980 is that there might be lead in the paint of the frames and mullions. If the homeowner is worried about this, they hour have an expert come in and test the windows for lead before they’re replaced.

The House is slated for Renovation

Old windows rarely make sense in a house that’s about to undergo a major renovation. Now is the time to buy windows that not only complement the overall look of the house and its rooms, but to install energy efficient replacement windows if the old windows were of the inefficient single pane variety. Other tips are to install windows that can be opened if the older windows were fixed and to put in larger windows to let in more light.

A Utah homeowner who needs to have their windows replaced shouldn’t hesitate to engage our professionals at Advanced Window Products. In business for over 30 years, we pride ourselves in installing superior windows at affordable prices for our customers in the Salt Lake City Area. For beautiful, energy efficient windows, give us a call at 801-505-9622.

About the Author:

Craig Marsh is the owner of Advanced Window Products in Salt Lake City, Utah. He has proudly been operating since 1986. His company offers energy efficient sliding glass doors, replacement windows in wood or vinyl options, and vinyl siding.

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Winter Window Replacement Options

When the mercury drops and frozen winds begin whipping, cold air can discover a way into your home. Any break in your house’s “envelope” – the house’s external shell of that protects the within from the components – is a prime source for air leakage. Normally, windows represent the most surface area in your house’s envelope openings. When you have old or ineffective windows, air leakages can make the temperature levels inside annoyingly chilly during the winter– not to discuss the added wear on your heating and cooling system as it struggles to preserve the set temperature level.

Advanced Window Products can help replace the windows in your house. We have more than 30 years of experience serving Utah for their window replacement needs.

Won’t Winter Window Replacement Make My Home a Freezer?

Your old, leaking windows might have you thinking about a window replacement task, specifically if the inside your house is cold during the winter. ‘But, wait,’ you question. ‘Why would I replace my windows in the winter season? My home will be freezing during the task!’ This is where research can be helpful.

Finest Practices for Winter Window Replacement Jobs

Here are four crucial practices installers must utilize during winter window replacements:

  • Remove only one window at a time: During a window replacement project, installers ought to get rid of only one window at a time and change it with the new window before carrying on to the next one. That way, they restrict the quantity of openings exposed to the cold air exterior.
  • Plastic floor-to-ceiling barriers: For bigger openings, the installer must cover the opening with plastic flooring to ceiling barriers. One example is setting up bay or bow window, which are made from a variety of windows such as double pane and picture windows.
  • Keep doors closed: When replacing a window, the installer ought to keep the door to that space closed, restricting the amount of cold air that can find its way into adjoining areas of the house.
  • Cleanliness practices: Along with winter cold comes mud, whether from rain or snowfall. Installers should utilize tarps, shoe-covering booties and other practices to ensure your house stays clean.

Reasons to Replace Your Windows During the Winter Season

Once you feel more comfortable about arranging your window replacement, there are other benefits to changing your windows throughout the winter:

  1. Scheduling: Frequently, specialists and installers experience a lull in service throughout the winter months, specifically after the holidays. Possibilities are you can get your window replacement scheduled much sooner than you might in the spring or fall.
  2. Price: Along with much easier scheduling, specialists and providers may use discounts, sales or other rewards throughout this slower season.
  3. Lower monthly costs: As soon as your new windows are set up, you will experience the benefits of energy efficient windows. In addition to warmer spaces, you must begin seeing immediate savings on your winter season energy costs.

Setting up Replacement Windows Can be a Winter Season Task

Old, leaking windows can make your house annoyingly chilly in the winter season. Working with the specialists at Advanced Window Products to install your replacement windows will keep your house comfy this winter. And will you get the advantages of simple scheduling, discount rates, and reduced energy bills. Call us at 801-505-9622, or contact us here to schedule your window replacement!

Home Security: How Windows Contribute

Emergency vehicle lighting

More than 2.1 million burglaries were reported in the United States in 2012, according to the FBI, showing just how simple it is for burglars to break in. However prior to make a huge purchase of a security system, take a detailed, tough look at your house. A few easy, low- or no-cost steps will considerably prevent a potential thief from targeting your home.

  • Remember, the objective isn’t to make your house totally break-in proof. It is only to make your house a less appealing target than the other houses in your neighborhood. Look at the surrounding houses and change appropriately. Do not be the lowest-hanging fruit!
  • Most of house and home break-ins occur throughout the daytime when many individuals are away at work or school. 70% of the robbers use some quantity force to get in a residence, but their choice is to gain easy access through an open door or window.
  • Although house burglaries may seem random in occurrence, they really include a selection process. The burglar’s choice procedure is basic: Choose a vacant house with the easiest gain access to, the best amount of cover, and with the very best escape paths.

Windows remain unlocked and open at a much greater rate than doors. An open window, noticeable from the street or alley, may be the sole factor for your house to be picked by a robber. Ground flooring windows are more vulnerable to burglaries for obvious factors. Upper floor windows become attractive if they can be accessed from a stairway, tree, fence, or by getting on verandas. Windows have latches, not locks and therefore should have secondary obstructing gadgets to avoid sliding them open from the exterior. Low-cost wood dowels and sticks work well for horizontal moving windows and through-the-frame pins work well for vertical sliding windows. For ventilation, block the window open no greater than 6 inches and ensure you cannot reach in from the outdoors and eliminate the obstructing gadget or reach through and unlock the door.

Modern windows usually are more secure. Here’s why:

Casement Windows

The casement window is considered the most secure type of window since, with no way to turn the crank from the outside, there’s truly no chance a trespasser might enter your home through the window if you’re sure to close and lock it. No extra hardware is needed to make the sash window more safe.

Sliding Windows

A sliding window includes a lock developed to stop the operable pane from relapsing and forth. For added security, you can install a burglar bar in between the window frame and moving sash. With the stress set properly, there’s no other way anyone can operate the window from the outside.

Double-Hung Windows

A double-hung window features the exact same lock as a moving window. This lock holds both sashes in location so they cannot move. To increase security further, many brand-new double-hung windows included an additional piece of hardware set up on the face of the leading sash’s frame. When the tab is pressed in, the bottom sash moves freely, but when extended, the window is locked securely in location. If you have older double-hung windows, you can acquire this hardware independently and install it on each window for added house security.

3 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Sliding Glass Door

sliding glass door replacement

If you are lucky sufficient to have sliding glass doors in your house, you know how convenient and gorgeous they are. Sliding glass doors enable lots of sunshine into a room as well as provide a broad area from which to glance the outdoors. If you notice any of the following indications, changing your sliding glass doors need to be at the top of your home maintenance list.

You Can See Light Coming Through

If you can see light through, under, between or around your doors, that is not great. Where there is light, there is air loss and where there is air loss, there is money being gotten rid of. Even a little space can allow a large quantity of heat or cool air out and into your house. Over just a couple of months, you could actually be tossing money right from the door. You might be able to get away with an adjustment or new weather-strip, but if that does not fix the problem, replacing the door must definitely be on your radar.

You Feel a Draft When Near the Door

This opts for any and all outside doors in the home. If it is cold outside and you go and stand by your front door and you immediately feel a chill or a change in the temperature, that is bad. Either your doors have gaps and are leaking or they are just poorly insulated. Wood and metal or steel doors do not insulate along with vinyl sliding glass doors.

Condensation Between Panes of Glass

Do you see any condensation between the 2 insulated panes of glass of your sliding glass door? Condensation between the glass is a sign of seal failure. When your sliding glass door shows fog and the weather report does not, you’re looking at an issue with the door’s double-pane construction. These two panes of glass are typically separated by a small area which is closed off to the externally world with rubberized gaskets along the edges. This design supplies more powerful insulation against externally noises and temperature changes. Drying agents called desiccants are positioned within this space to keep humidity out of it. When the vacuum seal against the outside world has been breached, the desiccants can no more control the wetness level in between the two panes– and you get condensation in the kind of fog. When the seal of your sliding glass door breaks, it enables wetness to go into the area in between your glass panes, which triggers condensation. White movie is another indication of broken

Contact Advanced Window Products right away if you see any of these indications. Our sliding glass doors are long lasting, safe and secure, and energy-efficient. We are the leading choice amongst house owners in Salt Lake City, Utah and the surrounding locations because of our exceptional client service and superior items. Provide us a call for more information about our sliding glass door alternatives or to get a no-obligation quote.

3 Undeniable Signs It Is Time for Window Replacement

Kid holding plastic pvc window profile

As property owners find out more about increasing their home’s energy efficiency and start looking for ways to cut down on their heat and air conditioning costs, they discover that replacing windows is a great solution. How can you distinguish if your house needs replacement windows? Here are 3 signs it is time to replace your windows.

Age of the Windows

Windows simply are not created to last permanently. The age of your windows is going to determine as well whether or not you need to get them replaced. Aged windows are going to feature old-fashioned wood or aluminum frames and are also likely to have just single-pane glass. Likelihoods are the locks with these windows are fairly outdated, and they are also more than likely very hard to clean. Replacement windows from Advanced Window Products for Salt Lake City, UT residents will be double or triple-paned glass, double-hung for easy cleaning, energy efficient vinyl frames, and will also have improved locks for added security for your house.

Rising Energy Bills

View your energy bills on a monthly basis. If you observe that you are shelling out too much on home heating and cooling costs monthly, it could be because your windows are not actually performing good enough of a job to insulate your home. Replacing these with new home windows can really help to reduce energy expenditures.

It is sometimes challenging to figure out true surges in home heating and air conditioning expenses given that one year’s temperature levels may be more extreme than another. Your electric company may maintain records on your past year’s energy utilization, including ordinary temperature for that time period, which could give you a good idea about whether your utilization should have increased. If you find that your utilization did increase more than a little bit for the same temperature, you may desire to take into consideration window replacement, which can save homeowners up to 70% on their home heating and cooling costs, depending on the status of their old windows.

Ice or Condensation Inside Windows

Picturesque as it might appear, frosted windows is an indicator of structurally endangered window panes. For double or triple-paned windows, precipitation between the panes indicates that the insulating layer of air has been jeopardized. Sometimes the window may possibly be repaired, but often it must be replaced.

Get Your Replacement Windows from Advanced Window Products in Salt Lake City, UT

These are all clues that your windows ought to be replaced. If you are experiencing several of these concerns then it is time to consider what replacement windows could do for you. If you are seeking Salt Lake City window replacements for your old and drafty windows, look no further than Advanced Window Products. We manufacture, sell and install our own window products, so there is never any middle-man mark-up. Contact us today for a free replacement window bid.

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