3 Benefits of French Doors

3 Benefits of French Doors

The sun is several billion times more powerful than even the strongest light bulb, making it the best source of light for your home. In today’s energy-conscious environment, one of the very best energy efficient additions you can make to your home is to have French doors installed. French doors offer the best of all possible worlds by letting in the most possible light when you need it, while still offering maximum performance at trapping heat in the winter and cold air in the summer without sacrificing privacy. Here are three reasons to consider upgrading to French-style doors in your next build or remodel – or simply upgrade to them.


They offer tremendous versatility for patio doors

Not only do French doors lend a touch of charm to your view of the back patio, garden or pool when they are closed, but they open outward or inward rather than sliding, creating a much larger portal than sliding patio doors. Opening them wide gives you greater access to let in cool air on warm nights or provide wider access for guests to enter or exit when you are entertaining in the back yard.


Let in light while still providing privacy

Bulky front doors cut off the light, creating a dark entryway and interior. French-style doors offer maximum light while still offering total privacy, thanks to blinds set between the panes of glass that can be raised and lowered with no fuss and no muss. French door blinds are low profile and offer a clean, modern look in both the raised and lowered positions. Even when lowered, however, they can still let in more light than a traditional wood door, giving you privacy without having to sacrifice a light, airy look to your entryway or front room.


Creates a larger, more useful portal without sacrificing safety

Getting large, bulky furniture items and appliances into and out of your home can be a pain, if not downright impossible through traditional door spaces. Not only are French-style doors beautiful, but they are more practical as well, giving you twice the access space to your home. Even the largest of refrigerators or armoires can be easily moved in or out of fully opened French-style doors, while still giving you the same protection that traditional doors have to offer. Modern French-style doors utilize multi-point locking systems that can withstand up to 300 lbs of force, making them just as safe – if not safer – than traditional wood or even metal doors.


At Advanced Window Products, we offer the highest quality French-style doors that are individually tailor-made to your specific needs. We are considered the #1 Utah Windows and Door Company because of the relationships we build with each of our clients and the commitment we have to offer the highest quality products and outstanding customer service. Give us a call today and let us help you bring a new level of comfort, style, and warmth into your home with a custom-made set of legacy vinyl French-style doors.


About the Author:

Craig Marsh is the owner of Advanced Window Products in Salt Lake City, Utah. He has proudly been operating since 1986. His company offers energy efficient sliding glass doors, replacement windows in wood or vinyl options, and vinyl siding.


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Advanced Window Products has been a family owned and operated company since 1986. For nearly 30 years we still are Utah's ONLY company that manufactures, sells & installs out very own vinyl windows, doors, and siding. We also install wood windows, vinyl siding, fiber cement siding and roofing. We have been helping the Salt Lake Valley residents improve their energy bill, keep out the noise, and all products are made from the finest materials. There is no middle man so costs stay low for superior products. All windows are custom made for you and we offer a lifetime limited warrantee. Call us today and see how we can make your home, school, church, or other business better at # 801-505-9622

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