3 Reasons to Choose Vinyl Siding

3 Reasons to Choose Vinyl Siding

Vinyl continues to be the most popular cladding option for Utah homeowners. We’ve been installing attractive, low-maintenance vinyl siding for more than a quarter century, and we’re impressed with its durability. If you’re thinking of giving your house a makeover, vinyl siding lets you tailor the look of your home’s exterior to suit your sense of architectural style.


Top Reasons to Choose Vinyl Siding

While we could name a dozen qualities that make vinyl siding worth considering, here are the reasons we hear most often from our customers for choosing vinyl over the other options.


1. Vinyl Siding Offers the Most Options

No siding type gives you as many choices including:

  • Color: Vinyl is available in a wide spectrum of hues from snow-white to dark, rich browns, greens and blues. Today’s siding is colorfast. There is very little noticeable fading over the years, so the appearance remains fresh and attractive.
  • Finishes: Much of the vinyl siding we install has a woodgrain-like finish, but smooth siding for a more finished appearance is available too.
  • Styles: Advanced Window Products offers too many vinyl siding profiles to list here. They include horizontal panels in several sizes such as double-3” and double-4”, Dutch lap, traditional lap and beaded. Vertical panels are offered in several styles too including traditional board & batten. Premium vinyl shake siding in several styles is available when an upscale touch is desired. Combining styles, for example horizontal vinyl siding with vinyl shake siding in the gables, delivers a customized boost to your home’s curb appeal.
  • Accessories: The many finishing-touch options for trim and accent color and style make the personalization of your home’s exterior complete.


2. Vinyl Siding Has Low Maintenance Requirements

Installing vinyl siding is an investment in the quality of life you’ll enjoy going forward. You’ll never spend your free time scraping, patching, caulking and painting or staining vinyl. It is impervious to moisture and insects, and vinyl withstands Utah’s seasonal high winds very well. An occasional soap-and-water wash is all that’s needed to keep it looking fantastic in the years to come. And since the repair and maintenance costs are so low, you’ll have more money in your pocket to enjoy your free time. That sets it apart from natural wood and fiber cement siding, both with much higher maintenance requirements and costs.


3. Vinyl Siding is a Tremendous Value

Vinyl is affordable and it lasts for decades. Combined with the low maintenance costs mentioned above, vinyl gives you much better value than your other siding options.

Is Vinyl Right for Your Home?

Is this attractive, low-maintenance and customizable cladding the best choice for your home? If you’d like to explore vinyl’s benefits or have questions about vinyl siding, we can help. Call us today to discuss vinyl siding or to receive a free, no-obligation estimate to show you how affordable vinyl siding can be.


About the Author:

Craig Marsh is the owner of Advanced Window Products in Salt Lake City, Utah. He has proudly been operating since 1986. His company offers energy efficient sliding glass doors, replacement windows in wood or vinyl options, and vinyl siding.


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Advanced Window Products has been a family owned and operated company since 1986. For nearly 30 years we still are Utah's ONLY company that manufactures, sells & installs out very own vinyl windows, doors, and siding. We also install wood windows, vinyl siding, fiber cement siding and roofing. We have been helping the Salt Lake Valley residents improve their energy bill, keep out the noise, and all products are made from the finest materials. There is no middle man so costs stay low for superior products. All windows are custom made for you and we offer a lifetime limited warrantee. Call us today and see how we can make your home, school, church, or other business better at # 801-505-9622

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