3 Undeniable Signs It Is Time for Window Replacement

Kid holding plastic pvc window profile

As property owners find out more about increasing their home’s energy efficiency and start looking for ways to cut down on their heat and air conditioning costs, they discover that replacing windows is a great solution. How can you distinguish if your house needs replacement windows? Here are 3 signs it is time to replace your windows.

Age of the Windows

Windows simply are not created to last permanently. The age of your windows is going to determine as well whether or not you need to get them replaced. Aged windows are going to feature old-fashioned wood or aluminum frames and are also likely to have just single-pane glass. Likelihoods are the locks with these windows are fairly outdated, and they are also more than likely very hard to clean. Replacement windows from Advanced Window Products for Salt Lake City, UT residents will be double or triple-paned glass, double-hung for easy cleaning, energy efficient vinyl frames, and will also have improved locks for added security for your house.

Rising Energy Bills

View your energy bills on a monthly basis. If you observe that you are shelling out too much on home heating and cooling costs monthly, it could be because your windows are not actually performing good enough of a job to insulate your home. Replacing these with new home windows can really help to reduce energy expenditures.

It is sometimes challenging to figure out true surges in home heating and air conditioning expenses given that one year’s temperature levels may be more extreme than another. Your electric company may maintain records on your past year’s energy utilization, including ordinary temperature for that time period, which could give you a good idea about whether your utilization should have increased. If you find that your utilization did increase more than a little bit for the same temperature, you may desire to take into consideration window replacement, which can save homeowners up to 70% on their home heating and cooling costs, depending on the status of their old windows.

Ice or Condensation Inside Windows

Picturesque as it might appear, frosted windows is an indicator of structurally endangered window panes. For double or triple-paned windows, precipitation between the panes indicates that the insulating layer of air has been jeopardized. Sometimes the window may possibly be repaired, but often it must be replaced.

Get Your Replacement Windows from Advanced Window Products in Salt Lake City, UT

These are all clues that your windows ought to be replaced. If you are experiencing several of these concerns then it is time to consider what replacement windows could do for you. If you are seeking Salt Lake City window replacements for your old and drafty windows, look no further than Advanced Window Products. We manufacture, sell and install our own window products, so there is never any middle-man mark-up. Contact us today for a free replacement window bid.

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