3 Reasons to Choose Vinyl Siding for your Home


The use of plastic exterior siding has lately replaced the traditional use of aluminum and fiber cement siding. Vinyl siding, which was once thought to be unattractive and damage susceptible is among the most popular exterior siding options in the residential market. It is mostly used for decoration and weather-proofing and offers a better value than other available options because of its benefits.


The three main reasons to choose vinyl siding for your home include:

Durability and Low cost of maintenance

Vinyl siding is long lasting and its effectiveness is close to decades. Since it’s made from a versatile material, it rarely rots, resists moisture, rusts, cracks or fades which makes it resist strong winds, heavy rains, and snow. The maintenance cost of vinyl siding is way less than wood, metal and fiber cement given the fact that it withstands most elements of destruction like insects, pests, and rot. This enables it to be self-sufficient for a number of years with little or no obligation of replacements. It’s therefore very affordable for homeowners who are on a budget for either renovation and designing for home exteriors. Additionally, vinyl siding generally requires just a swift wash with soap and water every six months to keep it looking pristine.


Energy efficient

Vinyl siding has an incorporated insulation system which considerably improves your home’s energy potency since it creates a barrier between the exterior siding and the pillars. The insulation system prevents energy leaks making the homes to feel cool during summer and warm during winter. Besides moderation of temperature during different seasons, the power costs will also reduce significantly.


Variety of colors

Vinyl siding is diversified in terms of colors and styles compared to the historic painting procedures. This gives it flexibility elements which offer a perfect design to homeowners who want to improve their décor. In case you are tired of the usual paintings, then it’s time to go vinyl. With the color assortments and variations available, you can never run short of options to settle for, which will match your unique style. Furthermore, vinyl siding seldom fades because of its great quality and powerful color retention. Its surface will hence look radiant in future as it was when originally fixed and it will look great throughout the entire service line.

Making your home look better and adding value creates a great first impression, and anything you spend on your home should boost your home’s appeal in the long run since it’s considered an investment. A fascinating exterior design is therefore key because its appealing to homes and usually makes it hospitable.

In case you want a good looking home with a lifetime guarantee, then consider vinyl siding. With the right choices, and considering the above benefits, you will be able to make an informed decision about what product to use for a project with regards to vinyl siding which will guarantee you a good return on investment if selling the property is among your options


About the Author:

Craig Marsh is the owner of Advanced Window Products in Salt Lake City, Utah. He has proudly been operating since 1986. His company offers energy efficient sliding glass doors, replacement windows in wood or vinyl options, and vinyl siding.


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5 Things that Make a Window Energy Efficient

5 Things that Make a Window Energy Efficient

Windows are used to fill up our rooms with warmth, light, and ventilation but sometimes they can adversely affect your home’s energy efficiency. Installation of energy-efficient windows in the house can reduce your energy consumption thus resulting in reducing energy costs.

The following 5 steps can help you make your windows energy-efficient.

The thermal resistance of a frame contributes to the window’s overall energy efficiency especially its U-factor. There are both pros and cons to all kinds of frame materials but fiberglass, vinyl wood and some types of composite frame materials provide better thermal resistance than metals. You can choose from a wide variety of frames like aluminum or metal frames, composite frames, fiberglass frames, vinyl frames or wood frames for the energy-efficient windows.

Choosing a Type of Glass or Window Glazing

In addition to the frames, the type of glass or window glazing used also influences the energy-efficiency of your home. The type of glazing you should use for different windows in your homes should be based on numerous window design factors like climate, building design, and orientation of windows etc.

Gas fills

Sometimes the space between the window panes is filled with inert gas like krypton or argon, which has a higher resistance to flow of heat, compared to air. This improves the thermal resistance of insulated glazing windows.


For insulation, the glass panes are placed apart with an insulating air space between them and they are hermetically sealed.


  • Low-Emissivity Coatings – low emissivity coatings on glazing or glass restrict heat transfer through insulated glazing windows. Windows with Low-E coatings are priced around 10% to 15% higher than regular windows but they still result in up to 50% in energy savings. A Low-E coating is a virtually invisible, microscopically thin, metal or metallic coating applied on the surface of one or multiple glass panes. Different types of Low-E coatings are available for high, moderate and low solar gain.
  • Reflective Coatings – reflective coatings on window glazing and glass reduces solar radiation transmission and blocks more light than heat. It usually consists of thin metallic layers on the glass panes and is available in a variety of colors like gold, silver, and bronze. The reflective window glazing is more popular in the hot climate to regulate solar heat gain.
  • Spectrally Selective Coatings – this spectrally selective Low-E coating filters out 40% to 70% of the total heat usually transmitted through insulated window glazing but at the same time allowing the transmission of the entire light. These coatings are specially designed to allow the reflection of certain wavelengths while restricting the others. These coatings can be used on various types of tinted glass to increase or decrease solar gains depending on the desired climatic effects.

Energy-efficient windows not only make your home more comfortable but they also help reduce energy consumption and therefore the energy cost. We at Advanced Window Products provide you with the best quality products at an affordable price. For any inquiries or details, visit our website or give us a call!


About the Author:

Craig Marsh is the owner of Advanced Window Products in Salt Lake City, Utah. He has proudly been operating since 1986. His company offers energy efficient sliding glass doors, replacement windows in wood or vinyl options, and vinyl siding.


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3 Reasons to Choose Double Pane Windows

3 Reasons to Choose Triple Pane Windows

Home energy consumption averages[9][10]
Sector Percentage Notes
Home heating systems 28.9%
Home cooling systems 14.0%
Water heating 12.9%
Lighting 9.0%

A little less than half the total energy is consumed in homes for heating and cooling systems. The US Department of Energy in its “Energy conservation in the United States” guidelines have suggested for best building practices.  It says that people should design and construct energy conserving homes, and include energy-efficient windows and lighting. The most energy-efficient windows are Double Pane Windows.


Lowest U-Value- Double Pane Windows

When you expect energy efficiency, something which has the highest insulating value is the answer. One of the measuring units of insulation capacity is “U-Value”. The lower the U-Value the better is its insulating properties. In addition to enhanced thermal efficiency, which means warmer in winters and cooler in summers, Double Pane windows are known to reduce condensation. The high insulation keeps the interior glazing surface at high temperature; as a result, the condensation is reduced.


Extra Pane- Extra Noise Proof and Extra Safety

By virtue of its design, it has an extra layer of glass, the presence of air pockets the noise from outside cannot leak into your home and noise pollution is significantly reduced. This is more so important if your home is in a high traffic area. Another important and critical benefit is they do not form drafts or gaps. In due course of time, other windows form gaps and can reduce the insulation and chances of infiltrations are also high.

The outer frame of Double Pane Window is always steel reinforced. In addition, the glass layers add to the security of the window and the chances of any forced entry through windows are less. You are completely secured from any infiltration.


High ER

The air space between the panes in double pane windows are filled with inert gases like Argon or Krypton. These gases not only cushion but also provide insulation. They elevate the energy efficiency performances. Obviously, Double Pane Windows have two chambers, hence double the insulation.

Energy Ratings (ER) are standardized measures of the overall performance of the windows, based on-

  • Solar Heat Gains
  • Loss of heat via the frames, spacers, and glasses
  • Heat loss due to air leakage

The higher the ER ratings, the better they are.

To further increase the efficacy Low-E coatings are done to block harmful UV rays. Double Pane Windows have two Low-E coatings and hence the ER ratings are higher.

Your decision of replacing your existing window panes or installing one in your newly constructed home must be leading you to the next question- Who provides the best Double Pane Window? The answer is – Advanced Window Products.

Advanced Window Products has the experience, the competencies, and recognition which makes it Utah’s number 1 A+ rated window Replacement Company. Since 1986, we are into the manufacturing, selling and installation of our high-performance glass windows. We deliver brilliant designs and long-lasting, durable double pane windows as the most energy efficient solution.


About the Author:

Craig Marsh is the owner of Advanced Window Products in Salt Lake City, Utah. He has proudly been operating since 1986. His company offers energy efficient sliding glass doors, replacement windows in wood or vinyl options, and vinyl siding.


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3 Tips for Choosing Vinyl Window Colors

new apartment

The window design and color configuration are of paramount importance towards the looks of your interiors. Windows also define the character of a home or office and hence you should be quite aware of the way they look. Colors are the soul of looks. You may be wondering which vinyl window colors are right for your home so that they look good and also suit the design and shades of the home interiors. Your own choices and preferences will guide your color selection. Whether you want a traditional or a modern looking house, or you are more biased towards any particular color are some aspects that will influence your decision. Below are 3 tips that will help you choose the best color for your windows.


Modern or traditional look

3 Tips for Choosing Vinyl Window Colors-1

If you wish to achieve a modern interior look, the window color should blend seamlessly with the home interior color, which is to say that they all look the same. In case you wish to have traditional looks for your home interiors, the window color should contrast and be opposite to the color of home interiors (for instance the walls). This way the window color will pop out and the wholesome look will be attractive. Keep in mind the point, and color the window frames to achieve retro or classic looks for your home.


Color preferences: Matching with interiors

Colors themselves can provide looks of different past and present times. The modern colors are blue, purple, green and gray, and these are preferred in the modern settings, as they are cool and sensual. The traditional colors include the oranges, yellows, browns, and oranges, and these tepid shades bring-in the aristocratic and vintage looks. One thing to accommodate is that the color of the window frame should also synergize with the color of the interior scheme so that the whole set is either warm or cool and there are minimum anomalies. The windows can be painted in one color or they can be painted in two colors as well, one contrasting the other. The chassis and sash are painted in different colors and that can also look quite pretty.


Color preferences: Matching with exteriors

The vinyl window colors should also blend well with the color of the exteriors. But how do you know whether your home has a traditional or a modern design and style? The modern homes do not have windows with trims and they may have stucco (fine plasterwork). On the other hand, traditional homes consist of the vinyl or brick siding and/or the windows do have a wood trim around them. You can choose the window color accordingly. At Advanced Window Products, we possess all the tools, expertise and experience to offer you the best options.

The walls can be painted easily, anytime you wish but the windows cannot be changed frequently. A neutral window frame color will blend easily with many different kinds of wall colors, and you can renovate without any extra window-frame replacement costs when you decide to renovate your home. Tan and beige are the leading and most popular neutral colors and grays are also in demand.

We possess the requisite certifications (including the AAMA installation master certification), offer your double warranty, and offer you financing options with the least or no interests (no extra charge when you pay within 60 months). We are registered and certified and offer our services in accordance with the Government instructions and rules. Our comprehensive product and service list include the replacement windows, sliding doors, and sliding, among many others. Call us now for a good looking home at the least of the price!


About the Author:

Craig Marsh is the owner of Advanced Window Products in Salt Lake City, Utah. He has proudly been operating since 1986. His company offers energy efficient sliding glass doors, replacement windows in wood or vinyl options, and vinyl siding.


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Vinyl Windows vs Wood

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Are you vacillating between wood vs vinyl windows? Maybe you’re shopping for new windows and you’re not sure which kind to buy. No need to worry, you are not alone. At Advanced Window Products we’ll make things easier for you. Here is a quick look at some similarities and differences between the two to help you choose.


Insulating properties and energy efficiency

Both wood and vinyl have high insulating properties and have significant benefits in energy efficiency. Vinyl is recognized for its superior insulating properties. This can be attributed to the plastic material used in the manufacture of vinyl. Polyvinyl chloride popularly known as PVC has a very high numerical value of insulation properties. This makes vinyl more effective in preserving heat in your home during cold seasons and preventing heat from entering during summer. If correctly installed, these windows will end up reducing your energy costs hence a reduction in energy bills.

The biggest advantage of vinyl as insulation materials is that they are less susceptible to wear and tear. High-quality vinyl insulation will last for years requiring less maintenance. Wood, on the other hand, can be susceptible to cracking, warping, and rotting, reducing their energy efficiency.


Maintenance Requirements

When it comes to maintenance requirements, vinyl windows have a clear advantage over wood windows. Vinyl requires very little maintenance after installation. They are less permeable to dirt and grime which makes them easy to clean. A simple regular cleaning with soap and water will keep them looking stunning for years.

Wood windows, on the other hand, require a lot of maintenance and preservation. They require frequent painting and staining to preserve their elegant and vibrant appearance. In addition, they require regular sanding and sealing to remove bumps, dents, and scratches to keep them looking good and to increase their lifespan. Failing to perform these tasks regularly can decrease the life cycle of your windows as well as reduce the comfort of your home.


Value and aesthetics

Vinyl windows are available in a variety of colors and shapes and they can be customized to look and feel like wood. They are highly sought after by homeowners looking for an inexpensive alternative to wood and other high-cost materials. Their low cost has given them a big market share in the construction industry with most homeowners using them. This influx has reduced their value and using vinyl for your windows, has very minimal effect on your home value.

Wood windows are expensive, however, due to their visual appeal, they’re highly sought after by homeowners. Their classic appeal and aesthetics is one property that makes them a good choice for your homeowners looking to improve the value of their home for prospective buyers significantly.

It is worth pointing out that both window materials have their benefits. It all comes down to the quality of wood or vinyl used to manufacture the windows and how they are installed.

Regardless of the material you choose for your windows, our professionals at Advanced Window Products have the solution for you. Contact us to request a free consultation today!


About the Author:

Craig Marsh is the owner of Advanced Window Products in Salt Lake City, Utah. He has proudly been operating since 1986. His company offers energy efficient sliding glass doors, replacement windows in wood or vinyl options, and vinyl siding.


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3 Benefits of Choosing Blinds Between the Glass Doors

3 Benefits of Choosing Blinds Between the Glass Doors

Are you looking for an innovative way to dress up your windows and glass doors in style? Blinds that are between glass doors, rather than being on top of the doors, offer an ideal option for you to consider. As you learn more, you will probably be excited about this type of window treatment and the possibilities for your glass doors. Here are three benefits of this creative type of window treatment.


Easier to Clean Windows

When your window blinds are mounted on top of your windows, it can be a real hassle to try to keep windows clean. Blinds are in the way when you’re trying to do so.

No matter how much you move them around, they are still at least somewhat intrusive in terms of covering up areas of the door and preventing you from cleaning every area of the door. Because blinds between the glass doors are located where they are, you can simply and thoroughly clean both sides of the doors whenever you want to without trying to get the blinds out of the way. You also don’t have to worry about preventing your glass cleaning products from getting on your blinds.


Easier to Maintain Blinds

Blinds that are mounted in the typical way can get very dusty and dirty. This causes them to eventually look dull and unattractive. You certainly do not want this. You want your windows and their coverings to look fresh and clean. When blinds are mounted on the exterior of windows, this can even cause them to wear out sooner. They are also at risk of getting cracked or damaged. Kids and pets can pull on or bump into them, which can cause damage to the blinds or safety risks for your loved ones. But when you install blinds between the glass doors, you are cutting down on the problems associated with all that. Blinds don’t get dusty when they’re enclosed between the glass, and they stay in much better condition for a longer time. They tend to have a longer life and don’t need to be replaced as often.


Noise and Convenience

Blinds mounted over the top of doors can make a lot of noise when you’re opening and closing the doors. They flop around and in general get in the way. It can be more of a hassle to try to open and close them. You don’t have those issues when you decide to have blinds between the glass doors. This overall makes the practical type of window treatment easier to use and more enjoyable.


Given all that, it’s easy to see why having blinds between glass doors, such as French doors in your home, makes perfect sense. Are you ready to find out more? At Advanced Window Products, we’re ready to help you find the perfect between-glass doors to suit your personal style. To get more information, give us a call today.


About the Author:

Craig Marsh is the owner of Advanced Window Products in Salt Lake City, Utah. He has proudly been operating since 1986. His company offers energy efficient sliding glass doors, replacement windows in wood or vinyl options, and vinyl siding.


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3 Things to Know About Lead Safe Window Replacement

3 Things to Know About Lead Safe Window Replacement

Renovations and remodeling projects disturb lead paint are known to be dangerous to families, workers or even neighbors. Hence, keeping properties safe from the lead hazards could be an excellent idea. Renovations, painting and repair services entail many elements and understanding the facts could be helpful.


Many benefits are associated with window replacement in any property. However, this could be achieved if individuals opt to work with the right experts who understand the lead renovations well. Plumbers, special paint contractors, electricians and general contractors who disturb the lead surfaces must be fully trained and licensed to undertake the remodeling projects.


The big question is what the big deal with lead safe window replacement is? The following are some of the things we must know about lead safe window replacement.

  • Lead paint is very harmful, and it can cause poisoning as well. The lead dust can lead to serious detrimental health issues to any individual. This could include hyperactivity, hearing problems, slowed growth to children, lower IQ, among other severe cases that could lead to death.


  • Due to the risky in such projects. Every state requires that every installer or contractor be fully certified in undertaking the projects. This protects the owner of the house and ensures that all the individuals in that area are safe during such a lead safety project.


  • There should be a pre-renovation and pre-work notifications awarded to people who might be affected. Any firm or contractor should deliver a well-signed copy of the plans to the property owners as well as the tenants early enough before the project. This could be seven days before the working day or more.


To prevent the poisoning, we ensure that there are lead-safe work practices among the experts undertaking any project. In any lead project, the renovators or remodelers must clean all the debris and dust by the use of HEPA vacuum or even wet mops. This ensures that each lead component is collected.


The experts must try to avoid using methods that could generate high amounts of lead –contaminated dust while in any project. These methods could be; the use of heat guns at very high temperatures, dry sweeping, and use of flammables or methylene chloride, open flame burning among other methods which are very dangerous. It is crucial to contain the working areas to prevent debris and dust from escaping.


There are some exemptions in undertaking some disturbing lead projects to ensure lead safety. This could include dormitories, studios or house where younger kids are expected to reside. Other exempted parts that must be include housing for disabled individuals as well housing for elderly people. Sticking by the renovation, painting and remodeling rules in any given state remains the responsibility of every one of us.


Comprehensively understanding lead safetypaint could also be helpful even to some people who would like to have some lead paints on their houses. The information is available on the Internet, and many people benefit from it. Lead testing is also a good way of ensuring that your renovation project is lead safe and thus not harmful.


Our company is renowned in taking these precautions, and most of the clients contact us to acquire services from us. Contact us if you have issues concerning lead safe window replacement in any location.


About the Author:

Craig Marsh is the owner of Advanced Window Products in Salt Lake City, Utah. He has proudly been operating since 1986. His company offers energy efficient sliding glass doors, replacement windows in wood or vinyl options, and vinyl siding.


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